Easy Web Design Tips for an Outstanding Site

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Easy Web Design Tips for an Outstanding Site


Website design does not settle on one way. It has different styles, directions, practices, and more. A website can be simple, minimal, classy, graphical, vibrant, modern, and anything. It is our choice. Whatever the design may be, the final outlook of the website should represent your personal style, interest, brand identity, and work. Though web design can be done by your own choice there are a few rules that are required to be followed.

A great website design should offer a good user experience, be compatible with all devices, function well, and be easy to get at first look.

Here we have collected and shared simple web design tips to help you create an effective and compelling website.

1. Simple landing page with no clutter 

Your website home page should communicate what is inside. Everyone accepts that most times we never read fully but only see the headings and other graphical elements like icons and boxes to learn about the website. Most of us just do a quick scan and see keywords or headlines, images, and short sentences. Keeping this common behavior in mind, create websites with emotions than word count.

Make sure your visitors will get to know about your website before a scroll. So add important content above the fold.

Align the elements with enough padding or space. Create a design with more spaces that give the page a professional and neat look. Also, add legible paragraphs in bite sizes.

After the headings, concentrate on media. Add royalty-free, relevant, and high-quality media. Now it is more trending to add vector art, SVG, and icons rather than a JPEG file. 

Encourage site visitors to click on buttons by providing attractive and stand-out call-to-action sections. It helps from signup to purchase.

2. Design with hierarchy

Have a visual hierarchy in mind or draw it on paper before you start to design. Hierarchy is the most important aspect of web design. It helps to show content in an effective way. If you use hierarchy correctly, it will lead site visitors to part of the page where you planned. A hierarchy helps order page elements in order of priority and relevance.

One of the main components of hierarchy is size and weight. You should highlight your brand or business such as your Logo, business name, and tagline. These elements should be larger and more prominent. It is a human tendency to look at large and bold things first this way they will learn your business name.

3. Easy-to-read content

Your website from the front page, service pages, and product pages, to blog pages, should have good readability. It measures how easy your page content is for people to read, understand, and recognize. With high readability, users will get information effortlessly.

For better readability, consider contrast color combinations for text and background. Use a color pattern similar to your brand. There should be enough contrast between elements for better identification. 

Next will be the letter size. Not everyone has eagle eyes to see small text. There is a rule that basic text size should not be less than 16pt. It is a good start for mobile, but you can consider bigger sizes for other devices.

We suggest sticking with a simple and easy-to-access design. It always wins.